Catching up with Campbell & Associates Law Firm, PC

Catching up with Campbell & Associates Law Firm, PC

Campbell & Associates Law Firm, P.C. (Dallas, Texas)

When Bruce A. Campbell opened our doors in 2003 with a vision of providing quality representation and singular service to businesses and professionals in their make-or-break moments, that mental image may not have looked exactly like “these uncertain times” of the global COVID-19 pandemic. But over the last seventeen years, Campbell & Associates Law Firm, P.C. has earned a reputation for excellence in legal and business communities across Texas by building on a foundation of new ideas and old-fashioned hard work while helping our clients prepare for the inherently unpredictable. Hundreds of insurance companies, professionals, and businesses have turned to Campbell & Associates for legal counsel and representation in hours of need, and none of those hours has been greater than the present one.

We have been a proud member of PLAN since 2009. Our attorneys are preeminently knowledgeable in their fields, allowing us to provide legal services with technical skills comparable to larger firms. Yet as committed as we are to excellence in our work, we remain equally committed to listening and hearing our clients. “Counsel That Care About Your Business”® is not just our service mark; it is our philosophy.

Compliance and risk management may have been daily facts of life before COVID-19, but they are now a constant reality—particularly for those businesses adopting teleconferences, paperless records, and working from home as their “new normal.” Campbell & Associates provides both legal knowledge and technological understanding, whether we are advising clients about compliance and risk-management programs or assisting them with specific situations encountered during business operations.

And when the problem goes beyond prevention, our attorneys have extensive experience in business and commercial litigation—particularly matters relating to alleged professional liability, malpractice, or other errors and omissions—and other adversarial proceedings arising from compliance or regulatory issues. Our experience ranges from trial courts and administrative proceedings to the U.S and Texas Supreme Courts and from simple lawsuits to class actions.


Our PLAN Attorneys:

Bruce A. Campbell ( is the firm’s founder and managing shareholder. He focuses his practice on representing lawyers, accountants, officers and directors, and most other professionals—virtually anybody who does not wear a tool belt.

  • Bruce’s funniest memory from his decades of practicing law is from a disciplinary proceeding in which Bruce represented a lawyer accused of not competently representing his client. The lawyer’s client admitted upon cross-examination that the gist of her complaint was her lawyer did not act fast enough to cut off a landlord's telepathic attack commands given to a teacup poodle.
  • When he is not practicing law, Bruce is a scuba instructor and underwater photographer who travels to the Caribbean and the South Pacific to sail and dive. Time permitting, he recounts some of his travels at
  • Bruce’s underwater photography is not just for show—he has sold in excess of 10,000 images worldwide in the last 5 years.


Jerry R. Hall ( focuses his practice on representing lawyers, insurance agencies and agents, and other professionals and businesses in disputes arising from alleged professional liability, malpractice, errors and omissions, technological compliance and cybersecurity concerns, and other commercial matters. He defends clients before trial and appellate courts as well as in compliance and disciplinary proceedings, and he has extensive experience in litigation involving the TCPA, Texas’s anti-SLAPP statute. He was the 2019 Chair of the Dallas Bar Association’s Legal Ethics Committee, and he speaks and writes on a number of topics relating to professional liability, ethics, and compliance, including “How to Avoid Cutting Yourself on the Bleeding Edge of Technology.”

  • Jerry spent a year and a half of his childhood in Melbourne, Australia (and his favorite Australian Rules Football club is still the Collingwood Magpies).
  • As a relatively recent alum of Southern Methodist University, Jerry never suspected he might personally witness the Mustangs enjoying more success in a football season than the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Jerry has been a lifelong musician and plays multiple instruments (albeit with widely varying levels of competence).


Thomas J. Moses ( has defended policyholders in a wide variety of civil litigation—including professional liability, products liability, and insurance coverage matters—for over thirty years, garnering extensive courtroom, motion, and discovery experience in the process. He has taught an elective course in Insurance Law at law schools in Texas and California, and he has provided “best practices” training seminars to adjusters and corporate leaders at insurer, MGA, and TPA claims offices across the country.

  • Thomas is a committed San Francisco Giants baseball fan who proudly wears the orange and black (despite confused looks from local Texas Rangers followers).
  • Thomas is a volunteer reader for the blind.
  • As a child, Thomas auditioned for the role of “Mikey” in the Life cereal commercial that famously remained in regular rotation for over a decade. (He lost out because of a serious overbite, which required seven years of braces to correct.)