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Our philosophy of practice in Professional Liability is no different than the philosophy we strive for in all of our practice groups. In collaboration with the client, we want to immediately assess the different factors that comprise the real 'problem' for the client, and then, after explaining the different scenarios and potential avenues that accompany the issue, we want to decide on the best way to finalize the matter, in as efficient manner as possible. In a word, we strive to be solvers of problems.

No doubt, each case will differ based on the facts and the issues presented, but our philosophy is the same no matter what type of issue with which we are presented: We strive to identify the real problem confronting our client, and then to solve it. We know from long experience that this philosophy distinguishes us from so many other law firms, because, all too often, lawyers spin their wheels 'solving' problems that only create larger ones. Our clients can and do expect a different approach from Reminger.

While Reminger specializes in in professional liability, insurance coverage/bad faith, and D&O and
employment law, we also have extensive experience in eDiscovery, Intellectual Property, Corporate law and Real Estate.  

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